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The past six years of my life have been filled with chaos and complete failure.  I honestly felt like giving up.  In April 2017, I decided after a major scare in my life that it was time to turn my life around.  I came to Michigan on April 13th for an addiction that I’ve been battling for a very long time.  Asking for help this time wasn’t easy but I was ready.  On April 27th, I received awful news from home.  I was upset, frustrated and angry.  I pretty much experienced every emotion a person can feel.  I was sitting at the table that evening and felt an overwhelming feeling.  God was speaking to me.  Telling me I need to go to church and if I did I would find peace.  I had been fighting my faith for so long.  I was scared and didn’t know how to take it.  Well…...!  I ended up going to church that evening.  Upon arriving I was very nervous.  I was thinking to myself the whole way there “Oh my, I’m really going. It’s been eleven years since I’ve stepped into a church”.  When I walked in I just felt at peace.  Like I was supposed to be there.  At that time, at that specific place.  Pastor Joyce welcomed me and started her amazing sermon.  She preached about prophets and going out and spreading the Word of God.  How He is always with us.  After the sermon, she called for anyone struggling to come to the front for prayer.  Of course, I didn’t move.  I just sat there.  She looked right at me and said, “I know you’re in there, come find peace, come pray with us.  So, I stood up and walked to her.  She talked about the bondage at home that I was dealing with and said I would be set free.  I felt an immediate sense of relief.  Like everything was going to be ok.  I came back to the hill that night feeling all kinds of emotions.  I prayed every day for the bondage at home to be freed.  On Thursday May 4th, I got the call I had been waiting for.  I am still in shock that God answers my prayers.  After ignoring His plan for so long he heard me.   He listened and He answered.  I’ll forever be thankful for God and His plan for me, even if I don’t know what that may be.

Cheylynn Fisher

01/21/17    Fire Night

I have to tell you about a party I went to last night. Instead of wine there was plenty of living water. There was dancing and singing and some were shouting, hallelujah and amen! There were some very important people there too, like the Holy Spirit and Jesus Himself. And then, and then, God's love came pouring down and lives were changed. There was praying and the Truth and the power of God was spoken into every life according to God's good plan. The broken hearts were healed, marriages were restored and lifted high, consecrated. The lonely are alone no more and the sick are sick no more. The oppression and worries of this world were lifted and set free! You see my friends, this was no ordinary party, this was a divine appointment and God wants us to know His love! Nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable, absolutely nothing can get between us and God's love, because of the way Jesus our Master has embraced us.

By: Vivienne Kessler


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